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(Rust Convertor)
(AD20-A) AQIS Approved

Phosphoric Acid Based Deruster/Deoxidiser/Descaler/Convertor
AQIS approved for meat export establishments
Use in descaling, brightening & CIP acid cleaning in food processing plants.
Liquid acid cleaner & deoxidiser for ferrous & aluminium & aluminium alloys
For removal of rust and oxide coatings from ferrous and white metals
Imparts satin finish while cleaning & deoxidising
Provides phosphated, inert hard & grayish surface to ferrous base metal
Forms an ideal, toothed, slightly porous �key� for surface preparations prior to painting
Removes rust, mill scale, oxide films, corrosion from ferrous metals
Can be applied by hand-wipe, spray, dip or CIP methods
Contains Phosphoric acid ~35%. Inhibited to prevent sound parent metal attack
Wetting agents & surfactants speed-up soil removal
AQIS Approval: Cat. 4 Acid Cleaner (IOA No. 6841) for use in meat export establishments
Converts rust on any unpainted ferrous metals. Use on vehicle parts, railroad cars, stockpiled
castings, tanks, fences, steel window frames, girders, iron roofs, pipe fittings, etc.

Steel Prep

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