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Alloy Cleaning Detergent


Low foam, alkaline powder cleaner for use in Roto-Wash and other spray wash machines
Also for use in Electro-Pulse agitating platform cleaning tanks & ultrasonic tanks

White, granular, medium alkaline powder. Formulated on a blend of biodegradable surfactants & high
performance alkaline cleaners to provide brighter aluminium components
Contains no phosphates, no chromates, no caustic soda, no phenols, is non-toxic, quick-break &
biodegradable. Roto-Wash is quick-break and can be used in conjunction with coalescing separators
Ideal for automotive reconditioning industry, for automatic transmission specialists and engine
reconditioners to clean alloy components.
Fully inhibited to minimise flash rusting. Free rinsing. Tanks can be constructed of mild steel
Safe to use on: All metals, good paintwork, most rubber & plastics

Roto Wash

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