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  • Bio-degradable
  • Performs in hot or cold water
  • Designed to handle hard water
  • CONCENTRATE - smaller doses
  • For Domestic or Commercial use
  • Loaded with aromatic fragrant oils
  • Germicidal - contains peroxide antibacterial agent and stain remover
  • A unique blend of cleaning agents and brighteners for optimum results

High quality modern pre-soak powder and sanitiser with a safe oxygen bleaching compound for
superior germicidal cleaning. It is designed for use in the laundering of textiles such as clothes,
towels, sheets and nappies in both commercial and domestic laundries. It removes organic
stains such as coffee, tea, foods including oils, chocolate, egg, tomato sauce, butter and
margarine, grass stains, blood stains and stains from faecal matter, urine and vomit. Presoak is
a safe, colourfast bleach and can be used to bleach stains out of both whites and coloured
garments, making whites whiter and colours brighter while helping to protect the fabrics. This
product is not, however, recommended for wool, silk and leather. It may be used in hot or cold
water, and may also be added to the wash for a cleaner, brighter wash

Presoak Powder

PriceFrom $37.13
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