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Quick-Break, high performance solvent degreaser


Avanti Premium Degreaser is a clear light green liquid hydrocarbon based solvent degreaser
designed for rapidly removing heavy build-ups of soils, greases & oils from cars, trucks,
earthmoving equipment, engines, plant & machinery by spray, swab or immersion at ambient
Premium Degreaser contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons, phenols or chromates. It combines high flash
point surfactants, emulsifiers and biodegradable cleaners to provide highly effective cleaning & is
QUICK-BREAK for use in conjunction with water recycling & coalescer systems such as the VGS units.
Suitable for use as supplied or for lighter soils can be diluted with Avanti C S Degreaser, kerosene or
distillate, etc. for added economy. (Caution: Diluting will alter the quick-break characteristics)

  • Extremely effective on heavy greasy soils
  • Safe on all common metal surfaces, most plastics, glass, well bonded paint, etc
  • Quick-break for use through coalescing separators
  • Economical and effective on grease and oily soils. Cleans concrete driveways and barbecues
  • Readily rinsed off with cold high pressure water or with steam
  • Mix with kerosene or distillate to make even more economical cleaner (alters quick-break
  • ability)
  • Biodegradable components lift soils and stop re-deposition on surface


Premium Degreaser

PriceFrom $143.00
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