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Citrus Terpenes based safe remover of graffiti, spray can paint, marker pen ink, poster glue, oil,
grease, chewing gum, lipstick, shoe polish, etc. from many different surfaces
Graff-Off Citrus is rapid in action. Safe, economical formulation for removal of most Enamel Paints. Most
fresh graffiti removed in 2 to 5 minutes
Can be used with care, on enamel painted surfaces, painted metal signs, bus shelters, phone booths,
traffic signs, shop-fronts, windows, train carriages & rail trucks, billboards, Formica, buses, parking
stations, walls, restrooms, skate parks, park benches, vehicles, school lockers, shopping centre areas,
concrete, brick, metal, tile, timber, vinyl flooring, terrazzo, stucco, block, stone work, stainless steel,
aluminium siding, Colourbond, & numerous other painted, un-painted, porous & non-porous surfaces.
Can be used on new & old Colourbond with controlled application & thorough rinse off. Always test
first on small section, may remove oxidised material & leave bright section. Care should be taken
removing graffiti from painted surfaces as some paints may be affected by lengthy exposure to the
product. Road signs: Use on signs with vinyl lettering, rinse well. Not on signs with screen-printed
lettering. Not recommended for use on rubber (& some plastics). If required, test on non-critical site

Graff-Off Citus

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