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TURCO _ FERREXTRA is a heavy-duty alkaline hot tank cleaner formulated to remove grease, engine varnish, light rust, paint and carbon from cylinder heads, engine blocks and other components. The product is an excellent radiator cleaner.
TURCO _ FERREXTRA also simultaneously degreases and removes rust from meat hooks, slides and hanging gear. The product is approved for use by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service as a General Cleaner Type B.
TURCO _ FERREXTRA is not recommended for use on reactive metals, such as aluminium and zinc, but can be used on ferrous and copper alloys.
TURCO _ FERREXTRA offers the following benefits:
1. Readily mixes with tap water.
2. Easily rinses from parts.
3. Concentration controlled by simple titration.
4. Free of cyanide, chromate and phenols.
5. Carries AQIS approval.
6. Removes rust without the use of acids.

Bonderite C-AK Ferrextra 20kg

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