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Extra heavy duty, low foam, inhibited, quick-break alkaline cleaner for use in Electro-Pulse,
Pulsomatic, hot cleaning tanks & other agitating machines, for ferrous metals
Ferocious lives up to its name: Ferocious, savage & relentless on carbon, paint, oil, grease & light
Granular, high alkaline powder. Formulated on a blend of biodegradable surfactants & high performance
soil suspending & chelating alkaline cleaners with a pleasant aroma. Far higher performance than
standard chemicals
Contains no chromates, no phenols, no phosphates, is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable & quick-
break for use in conjunction with coalescing separators. Ideal for cleaning the largest diesel engine
blocks & ferrous components
Use in all heavy industries, including: Engine reconditioning, transport, construction, farming, mining,
meat processing, military, earth moving, masonry cleaning, etc. Will outperform all others in cleaning
strength & economy
Remove paint, carbon, grease, oil, grime, mud, animal & vegetable fats, light surface rust, tar, etc. from
ferrous & cuprous metals & concrete, tiles, bitumen, masonry, bricks, etc. (Not for aluminium & not
designed to remove powder coats)

Ferocious 20kg

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