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Economical, 100% hydrocarbon solvent degreaser


Avanti C. S. Degreaser is a clear colourless liquid hydrocarbon solvent for use as an economical extender to mix with other Avanti degreasers, also for use in workshop parts washing tubs to remove lighter soils, greases & oils.
Suitable for use in parts washer tubs incorporating a lower water layer as a filter medium.

  • Safe on all common metals surfaces, most plastics, glass, well bonded paint, etc
  • Economical cleaner for use in workshop parts washer tubs
  • Extender for mixing with other Avanti degreasers to provide greater economy
  • Mix with Avanti Solvent Degreaser Concentrate to make an emulsifiable degreaser

Directions for use:
Spray, swab or brush on to surface to be cleaned, allow to dwell for several minutes, agitate well and apply some more and hose off with water or wipe dry with cloth, etc


C.S. Degreaser

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