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BONDERITE S-ST 6930 AERO (known as TURCO EA STRIPPER 6930) is a low odor, thixotropic paint
remover activated
by hydrogen peroxide. It was developed for effective stripping of such resistant finishes as epoxies, epoxy
polyurethanes, and similar catalyzed aircraft paints.
BONDERITE S-ST 6930 AERO paint remover offers a significant advance in paint stripper technology. It
complies fully with
the aircraft/aerospace NESHAP.
BONDERITE S-ST 6930 AERO can be used on aluminum, mild steel, high strength steel, cadmium
plated steel and titanium
when used as directed. BONDERITE S-ST 6930 AERO meets the corrosivity requirements of Federal
Specification TT-R-
2918A. BONDERITE S-ST 6930 AERO is not recommended for use on magnesium.
_ Low odor
_ Faster stripping
_ Safe on titanium and high strength steel
_ NESHAP compliant, 0 lb/gal H.A.P.S.; < 2 mm Hg V.O.C. Vapor Pressure V.O.C. 647 g/l
_ Significantly lower waste disposal costs
_ Can be easily treated on site (see MSDS)
_ Excellent cling to vertical and overhead surfaces

Bonderite S-ST 6930 Aero

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