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BONDERITE S-ST 5351 THIN is an amber, diphase liquid developed to remove epoxy,
polyurethane and other catalysed finishes from ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. The product
contains no free acidic or alkaline constituents and is approved for use on Aluminium,
Magnesium and high strength steels.
BONDERITE S-ST 5351 THIN should not be used on materials that are affected by chlorinated
TURCO 5351 THIN offers the following benefits:
1. Non-flammable.
2. Used at ambient temperatures.
3. Used as received. No mixing or dilution required.
4. Comes with built-in seal.
5. Seal is maintained by addition of tap water.
6. Freely rinses from parts with high pressure, high volume cold water.

Bonderite S-ST 5351 Thin

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