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BONDERITE S-ST 5351 AERO (known as TURCO 5351/T-5469) is a yellow, viscous paint remover developed to remove epoxy, polyurethane and similar coatings from metal surfaces at ambient temperatures.
BONDERITE S-ST 5351 AERO clings to vertical and overhead surfaces and forms a surface film that helps retard evaporation and extend the working life of the stripper. BONDERITE S-ST 5351 AERO should not be used on material
that are affected by chlorinated hydrocarbons.


  •  Nonflammable
  •  Used as received, No mixing or dilution required
  •  Applied by nonatomixing spray, brushing or flow-on methods
  •  Rinsed from surfaces by high pressure cold water
  • Can be used on high strength



Bonderite S-ST 5351 Aero

PriceFrom $594.00
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