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Liquid pH Neutral Paint Coagulation Agent

Sedimentation Type

P3-Cronipol S is a liquid treatment to be added to water wash spray booths to detackify
paint overspray.
P3-Cronipol S is effective on almost all paint oversprays including P3-Suncorites, two
pack materials, polyesters, acrylics etc. Compare this with caustic based denaturants
that are only really effective on alkyd (oil based) paints. P3-Cronipol S generally
succeeds where most other coagulants / denaturants have failed.
Biostable to inhibit bacterial growth.
Can be dosed easily and automatically with a suitable pump. We would be pleased to
offer further advice on this subject.
P3-Cronipol S promotes sedimentation of the coagulate and is particularly
recommended for used in �no pump spraybooths�.
Minimal dissolution of heavy anticorrosive

Bonderite S-PD Cronipol S

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