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BONDERITE PRECHEK LF is a clear, colourless liquid formulated for precleaning
surfaces prior to penetrant inspection.
TURCO PRECHEK LF also removes grease, pencil marks, ink marks, oil and grease
from parts and is ideal for touch-up cleaning of parts prior to packaging where a quick,
fast evaporative cleaner is desired.
TURCO PRECHEK LF should not be used on materials that are affected by aliphatic
As TURCO PRECHEK LF is highly flammable, it must not be used where ignition is
possible. For electrical applications WHITESOLV EC is recommended.
TURCO PRECHEK LF is currently listed in the latest QPL to Mil-C- 25135 D and E.
TURCO PRECHEK LF offers these benefits:
1. Quickly evaporates to residue-free dryness.
2. Used as received at room temperature.
3. Applied by dip, wipe or non-atomising spray methods.
4. Stable product, requires no mixing.

Bonderite Prechek LF

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