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Paint Grip 253 (previously known as Kephos 253 or Paint Grip S1006), is a non aqueous,
liquid chemical used undiluted (except for dip operations) to produce a corrosion-resisting,
paint-bonding coating on steel. The Paint Grip coating, when dry, protects the surface
from fingerprints, rust, etc., during temporary indoor storage (usually for six months or
Paint Grip 253 is applied at room temperature by brushing, dipping, spraying, flow
coating, or roll coating. One litre of Paint Grip 253 will cover from 18-28 m_ of surface
depending upon the conditions of application. Paint Grip treated work can be spot welded
by most commonly used techniques.
Most paint finishes may be applied direct to the Paint Grip coating.

Bonderite M-ZN 253

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