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BONDERITE M-MN 112 MANGANESE PHOSPHATE (or Parco Lubrite 5) can be run at a
temperature range if Accelerator 131 is used in the bath operation. BONDERITE M-MN 112
MANGANESE PHOSPHATE is formulated to produce non-metallic, oil-absorptive coatings on
iron and
steel bearing surfaces. These corrosion-resistant coatings consist chiefly of iron and
phosphates, and reduce wear on such articles as pistons, rings, liners, camshafts, tappets,
motor blocks
and similar bearing surfaces. Other beneficial effects may be summarised as follows:
i. The treatment permits rapid break-in of moving parts without scuffing or welding by preventing
metal-to- metal contact between the bearing surfaces.
ii. It increases lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil-absorptive coating.
iii. It removes light metal

Bonderite M-MN 112 Manganese Phosphate

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