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BONDERITE C-SO TURCOSOLV is a clear, colourless solvent-based cleaner formulated to
replace carbon tetrachloride and other hazardous solvents used for cleaning
electrical equipment.
TURCO TURCOSOLV evaporates completely without leaving residues that can
attract carbon dust, metallic particles or other contaminants that may damage electric
TURCO TURCOSOLV is also suitable for general maintenance cleaning of
manufacturing, automotive, marine and transportation equipment.
TURCO TURCOSOLV removes greases, lube oils, rust preventative�s, inks and hand
marks from metallic as well as other surfaces. TURCO TURCOSOLV is not
recommended for use on materials that are affected by chlorinated hydrocarbons.
TURCO TURCOSOLV offers these benefits:
1. Controlled evaporation. Leaves no residue.
2. Can be used on well-bonded paints.
3. Will not corrode metals.
4. Can be used on most electrical insulating materials.
5. Has dielectric strength of 40 k.v.a.
Note: No flash at initial boiling.

Bonderite C-SO Turcosolv

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