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BONDERITE C-MC 5884 Also known as Turco 5884 is a concentrated liquid cleaner which is effective in the removal of oil, salt and solid deposits from compressor blades, guide vanes and rotors of in-service jet engines. Periodic cleaning of these components is necessary to avoid power loss, abnormal temperature increases and increased fuel consumption.


TURCO 5884 offers these features:
1. Meets the requirements of and is approved to MIL-C- 85704B Type I
2. Listed in General Electric SPM REF #CO4-140
3. Listed in Pratt & Whitney SPMC-87
4. Flash point 65_C minimum (Tag Closed Cup)
5. Typically very low in phenol, chloride and sulfur
6. Ash Free
7. Readily miscible with water

Bonderite C-MC 5884

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