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BONDERITE C-IC BRITE is an acidic detergent with built in surfactants used for cleaning,
deoxidising and brightening aluminium. It is also excellent for the removal of built up
grime from stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces. ACID BRITE may also be
used in low concentrations on galvanised surfaces without any harmful effects, providing
it is thoroughly rinsed from the surface after cleaning.
ACID BRITE is a blend of sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids and biodegradable
Road Transport Operators
For the cleaning and brightening of aluminium and stainless steel bulk tanks, pantecs,
etc. Removes grime without scrubbing. Can be applied either manually, through water
jet units, or foamed with the addition of a foam booster.
Shipping Containers
Applied manually or foamed. Quickly removes oxidation and inhibits the surface of the
aluminium against further attack.

Bonderite C-IC Brite

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