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BONDERITE C-AK PLAUDIT ALKALINE CLEANER is a non-hazardous water based compound
formulated as a safe general purpose cleaner for use on all surfaces.
The product removes shop soils, oils, greases, road grime and lube oils from transportation, construction
and drilling equipment, concrete floors, metal components, engine rooms and bilges.
BONDERITE C-AK PLAUDIT ALKALINE CLEANER is currently used as a general purpose cleaner in
food plants, restaurants, take away food outlets and for plant and building maintenance requirements. It is an excellent pressure washing or steam cleaning compound and is also used for hot tank immersion cleaning.
BONDERITE C-AK PLAUDIT ALKALINE CLEANER is stable in acidic solutions and is used as an
additive for acid brightening. This improves wetting and speeds the brightening process.
BONDERITE C-AK PLAUDIT ALKALINE CLEANER's stability in sea water and its exceptional
emulsification properties provides a unique replacement for solvent based bilge cleaners and oil slick dispersal compounds.
Being water based material it is less harmful environmentally and has no flash point or fire danger.

1. Non corrosive safe on paint and all metals.
2. Versatile one product performs many tasks.
3. Non toxic contains no solvents, phenols, chromates or toxic ingredients.
4. Safety a non-combustible, replacement for solvent degreasers and oil slick dispersants.

Bonderite C-AK Plaudit (IDH: 377694)

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