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BONDERITE C-AK AVIATION AERO (known as TURCO AVIATION) is a white granulated alkaline
compound formulated for the removal of mill inks, oils, shop soils and other difficult-to- remove soils from
aluminium, steel, copper, magnesium, cadmium and nickel alloys.
BONDERITE C-AK AVIATION AERO is formulated to be used in spray or immersion systems. It rinses
quickly and freely.
Nonflammable in concentrate or dilute form
Readily soluble in warm water
Nonfoaming at recommended concentrations and temperatures
Easy to control solution by simple titration
Readily rinses from parts with hot water
Designed to be used with air or mechanically agitated tanks

Bonderite C-AK Aviation Aero (IDH: 2278660)

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