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BONDERITE C-AK Alucleen is a liquid acid heavy duty spray or immersion cleaner
for aluminium substrates. The cleaning bath made from Alucleen is slightly etching and
free rinsing. It effectively removes drawing lubricants and compounds and tends to
maintain the original bright surface.
The surfactants used in Alucleen are classified by the manufacturer as biodegradable.
Alucleen cleaner is made up in the range of Alucleen 10-20 litres per 1000 litres of bath
for immersion application at 30-50�C with a contact time of 1-2 minutes.
The bath is controlled by two titrations. The bath may be operated cold if made up with 50-100
litres of Alucleen per 1,000 litres of bath. Under these conditions, heavy oxide layers and
corrosion residues can usually be removed in 1-2 minutes.

Bonderite C-AK Alucleen

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