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BONDERITE C-AK 5948A is an alkaline, water-base, concentrated compound
formulated to effectively clean painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces when diluted with water or solvents. Effectively removes dirt, petroleum and synthetic oil film, grease from aircraft surfaces, landing gear, wheel wells, flaps, etc.
Meets corrosion requirements of DEF. (AUST) 5570A; safe on high strength steel per ASTM F519 Type lC. Meets AMS 1526A, 1527A, meets AMS 1530A at 1:10 dilution
(wipe on -wipe off cleaning).
1. Safe on paint and all metals.
2. Non crazing to plexiglass.
3. Free rinsing and non streaking.
4. Non toxic.
5. Contains no chromates or phosphates.

Bonderite C-AK 5948A (IDH: 378343)

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