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Concentrated Phosphoric & Sulphuric acid based Deruster/Deoxidiser

Aluminium etching agent, phosphating liquid

For removal of rust and oxide coatings from ferrous and white metals. Etch aluminium surfaces in
preparation for further treatment. Forms a �key� for surface preparations prior to painting or other
surface treatment. Removes rust, mill scale, oxide films, corrosion. Aci-Prep is a water-based, acidic
liquid developed to remove atmospheric corrosion, dirt, road soils and diesel soot from
aluminium and painted surfaces on semi-trailers, boat hulls, sea container floors, pan techs. and
other aluminium surfaces. It dramatically cleans and brightens dull aluminium surfaces.
Contains added inhibitors to prevent attack of base metal
Will effectively remove light oils & greases from surface


PriceFrom $275.00
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